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Mexican born, raised in Los Angeles, my love for travel began as a kid. Those yearly summer road trips with my family opened up a world of wanderlust that keeps growing with each trip. The love for makeup artistry developed with the years and although both things are complete opposites, they are what makes me, Me. This blog is created to showcase my artistry of makeup and travel, and perhaps other curiosities. Thank you for reading me. I hope to show you a bit of my world through these eyes.

Nacida en Mexico, y criada en Los Angeles, mi gusto por viajar comenzó desde niña. Los viajes familiares en carretera cada verano despertaron el amor al viaje en mi. Con los años también fui desarrollando mis habilidades artísticas hacia el maquillaje y aunque al parecer esas dos cosas no tienen mucho en común, son lo que me hacen ser yo. Este blog creativo está diseñado para compartir experiencias de viaje y tips de maquillaje, entre otras cosas. Gracias por visitar mi espacio. Espero poder mostrar un poco de mi mundo a través de estos ojos.

With Love, Eva

Contact Info: E.gonzalez.va@gmail.com



One thought on “About Me

  1. Ana G says:

    Hi Eva, I came across one of your pictures in Instagram while searching photos of susticacan. I was became curious and went to your profile, you have some very amazing pictures. I’m very happy that you are doing, loving and enjoying what you do TRAVEL. Best wishes to you and your family. Agallegos

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